GP 37 connection to Yamaha Command Link Screen


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I repowered my boat with twin Yamaha 300 v6's. I also included the command link screen that has all the info on one programmable screen. The speed indicator coming from the engine is unreliable due to grass in the water, etc and in turn, the fuel calculations are inaccurate.

I want to connect my gp 37 to the command link screen to have it supply the speed. Any one have any experience doing this? Any info about this seems to not be available from Yamaha.

I have seen interfacing between the Yamaha command link and our NN3D system. If I understand it correctly, the command link system is a NMEA 2000 "Like" system/network. Since your GP37 is NMEA 0183, I don't think you can connect the two units without proper interfacing. I don't know enough about what the Yamaha system requires. I know they have several "Versions" of the command link system. It would be best to speak with Yamaha on their requirements to see if they can tell you how to use NMEA 0183 with your version of command link. Maybe one of the Forum members will have more to add, but I think Yamaha would be the quickest to provide an answer.
If you haven't purchased a GPS, we have the GP33 which offers NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 support.
Thanks for the link.