GP-33 - CAN bus + NMEA 0183



As part of my upgrade to Navnet TZ, I am planning to exchange my existing GP-32 with a GP-33. Can this receiver output CAN bus and NMEA 0183 (for DSC radio) simultaneously or can it only be configured to output one or the other?
Welcome to the Furuno USA Forum. The GP33 will output data to both the NMEA 2000 network and the optional NMEA 0183 output port at the same time. Like the GP32, the GP33 has no mapping functions. It is primarily an output device. (GPS with basic navigational skills) It isn't a remote display or a plotter, so it really doesn't receive anything. The only input function is for a NMEA ASCII dump of waypoints and routes via a PC. The unit is an output device for NMEA 2000 and 0183 position, along with other output functions like steering an autopilot but no "input" functions. (Other than the previously mentioned) For the TZtouch (NMEA 2000) with need to support a 0183 radio; the GP33 offers a nice solution.
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Don't forget to order the optional NMEA0183 cable which is part #000-156-405.

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Thanks for the quick replies. I still need to retain my Simrad AT-10 to provide 0183 to the NavPilot 611. However being able to take the 0183 direct from the GP33 to the radio as well as NMEA 2000 to the existing FI 5002 will keep the wiring a little simpler.
The NMEA 0183 cable is already on my purchase list.
Can you provide wiring diagram or instruction to connect GP-32 NMEA0183 to Simrad AT-10?
Looks like AT-10 has 4 wires: Tx+,Tx-, Rx+,Rx-
Gp-32 corresponding NMEA0183: TD-H, TD-C/SG,SD,RD
I am trying to output data to Simrad AP-24 autopilot.
GP32 WHITE (+) output to the Simrad RX+ (input/receive +)
GP32 BLUE (-) output to the Simrad RX- (input/receive -)
Thanks for the diagram, I set up GP32/I-O to be: Data1-Autopilot, Data2-Autopilot,
and tried different NMEA versions: 1.5,2.0, and 2.1 Simnet is not seeing NMEA0183-x thru AT-10. AT-10 has a green status Led, and this is blinking, as opposed to the multijoiner where it is solid. I am about to give up on this effort. Any help appreciated.
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Have you checked with Simrad as to what the AT-10 and the AP24 is looking for with regards to NMEA 0183 version and sentences needed for the AP24?

I would go route before giving up.
I got a GP 33 as substitute to my old GPS and need to connect to my AIS NASA. Can I use the provided cable connected to the CAN bus or need to buy another cable?
Do you know which cable could I use to connect my GP33 to AIS using NMEA 0183?