GP-32 GPS shuts off



Hello All,

When in very bumpy seas, my GP-32 will routinely shut off. I then need to hit power and it comes right back on. Is there an automatic "shock" setting that causes the unit to shut off in this way?


There is no automatic shock setting.
It sounds like you have a loose connection with the power cable.
Have you tried jiggling it at the connection to the unit? Also check the connection to the power source. Hopefully it is not an imtenal connection.
Let us know.
I found that the springs in the small fuse holders on the first run of gp-32 were weak. Sometimes, if the power wires were tied up too tight, the fuse and spring loaded contacts would break connection. I pulled apart the fuse holder and stretched the spring just a bit to make the contact a bit tighter then made sure there was some slack on the wires when tying up the cables. The later units had strong springs in the fuse holder I noticed.