GD 1900C



Older unit...maybe 2000...Resently purchased the boat and have no idea what navionic classic charts to purchase...some of the old charts on ebay or craigslist, come with a... xl or L or just a number...I was told by a dealer in the area that I needed to purchase a new model, as older charts are unavailable?? Any help would be much thankful
If your NavNet series one unit is programmed for Navionics, it would support the XL and L NavChart chips with the "Classic" maps from Navionics. Navionics has stopped updating the data on the classic maps but they still offer many L chart areas for sale. They have not sold XL chips in at least 6 years or more, but they do cover more area. If you are not worried about using older maps; there are charts available on the used market. You might contact Navionics directly (800-848-5896) to see if they have a chip for your area and when the last update was. C-map is still providing updates to its cards for the NavNet series one. It is possible to have your dealer re-program your unit to support C-map mapping instead of Navionics. It would then support C-Map NT+ maps on the "FP" chip. Furuno USA does not sell these charts. You would need to directly contact Navionics/C-Map and/or their respective dealers.