GD 1900C



Older unit...maybe 2000...Resently purchased the boat and have no idea what navionic classic charts to purchase...some of the old charts on ebay or craigslist, come with a... xl or L or just a number...I was told by a dealer in the area that I needed to purchase a new model, as older charts are unavailable?? Any help would be much thankful

Johnny Electron

Staff member
If your NavNet series one unit is programmed for Navionics, it would support the XL and L NavChart chips with the "Classic" maps from Navionics. Navionics has stopped updating the data on the classic maps but they still offer many L chart areas for sale. They have not sold XL chips in at least 6 years or more, but they do cover more area. If you are not worried about using older maps; there are charts available on the used market. You might contact Navionics directly (800-848-5896) to see if they have a chip for your area and when the last update was. C-map is still providing updates to its cards for the NavNet series one. It is possible to have your dealer re-program your unit to support C-map mapping instead of Navionics. It would then support C-Map NT+ maps on the "FP" chip. Furuno USA does not sell these charts. You would need to directly contact Navionics/C-Map and/or their respective dealers.