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Will the iPad and iPhone apps be compatable with non-touch NN3D?
Since that function would require use of wireless, the answer would be no. The NavNet 3D has no wireless hardware. It should be possible to add a NavNet TZ Touch to an existing NN3D network to add this wireless function.
I watched the videos available on the Furuno website and facebook page. They are very informative. I have a couple of questions:
1) Will the display have an option to be installed in a portrait layout in addition to the landscape layout? When I rotate my tablet it makes this adjustment depending on how I set my preferences in the configuration. This would greatly increase the installation options.
2) The video did not include a video source when adding a custom screen layout. Is that an option when the a source is available to the system.

Congratulations on this great product, I look forward to having a TZtouch vessel.
No, the NavNet TZtouch units can't be turned sideways; like you would with the iPad. This wouldn't work for the water protection design of the unit. It might be something for our product development to consider. I will pass on your suggestion.

Although the video input feature wasn't demonstrated, it is available. See the photo below. I have indicated the video screen selection with a red arrow. You would place the video screen (looks like bow of boat going into harbor) onto the area of choice; when customizing your display view.


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Will I be able to save traveled and planned route and waypoint information in digital file that can be shared with another TZtouch or NavNet 3d user?
Can the navnet system sync with the 295 fish finder through the NMEA0183.
Does the autopilot system work in sync with the navnet TZ also?
The FCV295 is a standalone sounder but you can send over temp and depth data (for data box purposes) to your NavNet system. This would be done via NMEA 0183 to a NMEA 2000 converter. The NavNet TZtouch is only NMEA 2000 and would require a converter if you wish to bring in NMEA 0183 data. If you have a NavNet 3D and NavNet TZtouch mixed network, you could take the NMEA 0183 from the FCV295 direct to a NavNet 3D unit. Or RD33 also offers NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 data bridging.

The NavNet TZtouch would interface well with the Furuno 700/711/720 or any pilot that supports NMEA 2000. If you have an older pilot that only accepts NMEA 0183, you would need a suitable converter.
Thanks for the reply Johnny.
How do the 295 compare to the DFF3? I know that the 295 is a solid and very reliable unit. If and when the CHIRP system gets out, do you have any idea if the DFF3 could be updated to this or would it take a whole different BB to upgrade?
Looking into setting up my boat with a electronic package and trying to figure out which route I should go with. Also, should I purchase a CHIRP tranducer and install it already to anticipate the upgrade in the future?
The DFF3 offers a heaving compensation feature and is more comparable to the FCV1150 by design. If you are looking for the best of both worlds (black box and standalone) you might take a look at the FCV1150. The FCV1150 is the only standalone sounder that also has a network port allowing it also to work on the NavNet3D/NavNet TZtouch network (like a network sounder).

CHIRP sounders require a CHIRP transducer, so if you expect to upgrade later to CHIRP, you should buy a CHIRP transducer for your new install. The CHIRP transducers will work on non-CHIRP sounders but not the other way around. CHIRP would require new hardware so don't look for any software updates to provide CHIRP in the DFF3. It has taken CHIRP to get others even close to what Furuno has been doing for years. When we add the feature, you can be darn sure it will be worth having.

When it comes to comparing the FCV295 and the DFF3/FCV1150 you might poke your head in the sounder/fish finder thread. There is a lot of good info there. Snips is a wealth of knowledge.
Overall, we expect delivery of TZT9 and TZT14 to start in mid-spring of 2012. Just like when the NavNet 3D released, the demand was high, so if you want one early; it might be a good idea to start speaking with your dealer.
This thread is getting a bit long. If you have a NavNet TZtouch question please open a new thread under the TZtouch toptic.
Hello,I would like to know if Is it worth the diference in price of a chirp transducer or the regular transducer in the screen shot of the TZ14 for fishing in recreational way,for example.I apreciate your response in this matter before to make my decision.Thanks .Ernest
Hello Somebody can help me for a boat of 28.7 feet installing new TZ touch,and the blackbox DFF3 which would be the Furuno recommended transducer for maximun performance . Thank you
What transducers Furuno recommend for TZ Touch and BFF3 if any yet .Thank you
It is best to work directly with your local authorized Furuno dealer to find the best fit/choice for your boat hull and needs. We have a wide range of transducers offered and you will find specific suggestions under the accessories of each sounder you might be looking at. For example here is a direct link to the DFF1 sounder....
http://www.furunousa.com/Products/Produ ... sh+Finders
if you go under accessories and then transducers, you will find a list of suggested transducers for that product.
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