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Hi guy's,
I was wondering if Furuno had chirp in the work's yet? I see Simrd first then Garmin now I see Raymarine also has a chirp black box.I know there is a new 585 on the way.I have been told here it will NOT be chirp.I want to upgrade from my 585 with a b260.I just do not know when to do it,and when and if something new and better is comming out.
Thank you, Capt.Mike www.daybreakercharterfishing.com
Capt. Mike,
Yes, we have a machine waiting in the wings and hopefully we will be testing the final version really soon.

Is it a black box unit and if so would it work with say a Navnet Mfd 12" 3d,Or is it a stand alone fishfinder??? Can't wait!! .I do know you need a chirp transducer also.
Thank you!! Capt.Mike :furuno
I heard that Furnuno usually announces products in Spring. Is that usually happening during a boat show? If yes which boat show?

Can't wait for the new 585 :furuno
How big will it be? Will it be bigger than 8.4inch (fcv585 size)? when you say that it will announced in Summer you mean it will be on shops or announced on summer and be in shops next year?
All good questions. I know it is frustrating because those are the same questions we are asking.

Just one comment about stand alone CHIRP as first CHIRP unit. Simrad BSM-2, Garmin GSD 26 and Raymarine CP450C are all black boxes and this reduces the cost of existing users to go CHIRP. If Furuno is planning to release first unit as a big screen stand alone unit then the first guys who will be the one who will need to buy/test this unit will need to spend around 4000USD just for the sounder...

Is it a good move to start with a stand alone unit?
Hi Snips
Will the Furuno Chirp unit work with the standard Airmar chirp transducers like Simrad and Garmin or will it require a unique chirp transducer like the Raymarine? I have a Simrad setup and i will probably swap to Furuno chirp when you release it if the transducer is compatible?

Originally our stand alone Chirp was designed to use Airmar's B-265LH. After much field testing, sadly last month this Chirp combination was put on hold.

Thanks Snips,
It is the R599 transducer i am interested in, will the furuno chirp work with this transducer?
I wish I had more info for you, all I can say is that I hope so.

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