Furuno 585 with 526T-HDD



Hi guys,
I want to start in saying that I am a Capt.in S.W. FL. and run a offshore charter buisness.When you take people out for money,the only name you want is Furuno period.I have run Furuno for 10 years and have filled my boat to the top in every area many times over with grouper and snapper.I have had small things happen,and had to send it in.The turn around time was excellent.There are very few companies that will take your technical call-and you can talk to a person.I will not even think of anything else,great products.I was happy to see the new forum.My question is the settings for a 585 with the b260.I have run this machine for 3years now and kind of know it inside and out.I alaways run 200kh,manual and run the gain at 3 to 5.I run the screen at 1/1 I also shift the screen to just show the bottom.I will also shift the range to 2-3 times the depth to show the double echo to distinguish hard bottom.Do I want to adjust the tx rate to 20(not sure where it is know)? Do i want to adjust the clutter so I can use more gainI? have also adjusted the gain in the menu for 200kh pretty high.This set up I have is pretty awesome.I can run at 30mph and find ledges-turn around and catch fish.I just didn't know if I can get any more out of this set up. :furuno Capt.Mike www.daybreakercharterfishing.com
Hello Daybreaker,

It really sounds like you have this setup just about perfectly. The only thing I want to mention is that the TX Rate maximum setting is 10. Below that is "S", which makes the setting change automatically, depending on the speed you are moving.

You could try this, but it will require a speed input.

Honestly, I don't think I would change anything.

Hello Hurricane,
Thank you for the info!You know what they say,If it aint broke don't fix it.Here on the west coast of Florida the water is shallow.Thank you for the great products.
Your number one fan!! Capt.Mike :capt
Capt. Mike,
Just curious if you have tried using 50Khz along with 200Khz at slower speeds? One of the best attributes of the 526 ducer is the seven elements it has for 50Khz.

Yes I have tried the 50khz here and there.It does not show the detail..We have had charters all this week,sometimes before and after fronts push through S.W. Florida the grouper and snapper get very tight to the bottom,in the rocks.You will not see them at all with 50khz.I had a 525T-hdd before this one.I ran that transducer with a 582L for 8years.We caught thousands of fish with that set up.I went for a new 526 because the old transducer lost temp and had some deep scratches in it.The 50 is o.k for finding fish when they come out from the rocks and hover off the bottom 3-5 feet.If you are looking for detail in the bottom-coral-ferns,I think the 200 is the only way to go.Where we fish it is only 80-150 feet deep.I like the small tight beam for this.
Thank you for the intrest. Capt.Mike :sail

Have you tried using the White Line feature?

I found the White Line to be useful for locating Sturgeon that are feeding right on the bottom.

This will display the leading edge of the bottom echo in white. Page 17 of the Operator's Manual discusses it in more detail.

There is also the White Marker feature. This allows you to choose any color on the screen and make it white. So, what I do is pick the color that is right along the top-most surface of the bottom return, and make that one white. Now, anything that is above that, will stand out. I know it sounds like I'm copying the function of the White Line. However, in some cases, the White Line is so thin, or just isn't enough. So, I will set the White Marker to the color just above or just below the White Line.

This still is not entirely fool-proof, but it is one more "trick" that you can pull out of your bag when you need it.

I hope this helps. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes I have used the white line features ,maybe I will play a little more with it.I am talking when the fish (grouper) go into the rocks and "cheese" bottoms.You will not mark a thing.They are below the bottom,if that makes any sense.That is when we just look for the bottom features and composition.We will set up on a spot that looks good,we will start catching nice fish-when the screen shows nothing at first,then we will see the screen "lit up".They(the grouper and snapper) only do this when cold fronts push through and stir up the seas.They will get right in the rocks with just there head looking out for an easy meal,and are very hard to catch.After 3-4 days ,they will come out of the bottom and hover above the bottom only 3-5 feet,where they are easly spotted and are ready to eat.When Furuno comes up with "chirp" it is going to be unreal.Chirp gives you alot more detail of the bottom.I know of some stories of a Capt. or two using chirp and are impressed.Save your money.If Furuno is looking for testers of "there" chirp I am intrested.
Happy Thanksgiving!! Capt.Mike :wink7