Furuno 585 alarm tuning question



My 585 I have tried many times tuning the fish alarm with no results.
I want to tune it to sound only when I have decent marks on my screen and mot constantly beeping for every bit of bait, clutter ect... that comes on my screen.
I run a few other boats with Raymarine stuff and the alarm works awesome and is a very useful tool so I don't have to stare are the screen. I no fan of Raymarine stuff but it's the one thing I love about their sounder that works awesome.
I've tried target level weak, medium, strong , and no matter which one I get non stop alarm beeping and there is little to no marks on the screen. I end up going in the menu and turning the alarm off because it drives me nuts !
Any suggestions ?
Just for information I have a B260 transducer with the big blue fairing block.
Thanks in advance
Thanks for your question. There are a couple of parts to setting the fish alarm on the FCV-585. It sounds like you have been working with the threshold window (Weak, Medium or Strong). After this is set, you then need to create a zone for the sounder to look in, this is done with the From and Span settings. The default settings are 0 and 10ft, that usually means that any target close to the surface will set off the alarm. What are your From and Span settings?

Thanks for the reply.
I have worked with the threshold window and it is my understanding strong is set for more soling marks (red) and that is mainly what i'm looking for not bait.
I've played with the zone and have it set 20-200 ft, but that can change depending where I'm fishing and it's depths.
Problem is the fish i'm fishing for (mostly striped bass) can be anywhere in the water column and the constant beeping is driving me nuts !
Any suggestions ?
Before your email I haven't heard of any issues with the fish alarm. Next time I am out testing I will see if i can dupicate what you are seeing.