fr-7252 scanner



Hi, can we use a RSB-0072-061scanner, from a FR-7252, with 10 inch Navnet vx2 display and vx2bb that are networked? Looks like we will need a PSU008 for the power supply at the least. Anything else? Thanks
Also, please describe the performance differences between the 4 foot array (XN12A/4) and 6 foot array (XXN13A/6) array for aRSB-0072-061 (25kw) scanner . The scanner is about 17 feet above the water line. Thanks.
If you use the RSB0072-061 scanner with the PSU008, it will work with a NavNet 10.4" Vx2 or Black Box processor. You would be basically be building a 1964C NavNet Vx2 radar. The longer the antenna stick the better the horizontal resolution. You can think of it as having a better pair of glasses. You are using the same eyes but you can see clearer with a longer antenna.
We finally installed the psu008 to convert over to a 1964 vx2 system. We're unable to find the setup menu to add the radar to the vx2. What are we missing?
Hold MENU on power up until after you see the boat screen. This will bring up the selection menu where you can run the install wizard which mostly follows the setup of the install manual. The Holding of MENU is the secret to get into the setup selection.