Finding fish



Hi Guy's,
Here in S.W. Florida the grouper season opened April 1st.We had 4 trip's in a row the 2nd thru the 5th. Just wanted to say how incredible the Furuno equipment is.We caught over 80 keeper grouper and 25 various snappers and king mackeral.It just was one of the days-four in a row.I have over 550 private spots.On thease trip's we would cruise 15-20 knot's and mark great spots and turn around and slam them,new spots.I think the only way to go is the B260 on a high speed faring,you can find ledges going 30 miles an hour,in smooth water.I just can't see owning any thing else.Your equipment is awesome.I have been using Furuno for over 12 years.My customers all had trip's they will remember for a long-long time.When they have a GREAT time they tell a friend and they come back.You either catch fish or you don't and if you have Furuno in your boat the fish don't have a chance.Now this week's trip's.
THANK YOU, Capt.Mike