Finding data on voltage


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Can someone help me find where voltage can be displayed on my MFD12?

I have looked through the menus and data boxes and I do not see Voltage as an option.

I currently have a MFD 12 with a DFF1 and a BBWGPS. I also have a Navnet 1 1722C radar.

Last trip my radar screen would power down intermittently and sometimes my DFF1 would go offline as well. The MFD 12 never shut off.

I suspect it is due to a drop in voltage in the house battery bank with each unit requiring a slightly different minimum voltage. Being able to read the voltage on the MFD 12 would be helpful in finding the problem as well as monitoring the system in the future.

Hello grock,

There is no option in the NN3D to display system voltage.

Do you have the MFD12, DFF1 and the 1722C all connected to an ethernet hub? If not, what components are connectd together?

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Thanks for your reply, is there a way to look at voltage on the 1722C?

"Do you have the MFD12, DFF1 and the 1722C all connected to an ethernet hub? If not, what components are connected together?"

No they are not all connected and I do not have a hub.

My set up is just like on page 71 of the NN3D installation manual V3.1, Basic plotter/Fish finder installation.

The furuno BBWGPS is directly connected to the 7-pin port DATA1 of the MFD.

The DFF1 fish finder is directly connected to the ethernet port of the MFD using the standard supply cable.

The 1722C radar is stand alone except that it receives NMEA 0183 GPS output information from the 18 pin connector of the MFD from data port 2. This NMEA output also is connected to a Simrad AP11 auto pilot.

All of the electronics are on separate rocker switches on the helm with the original supplied in line fuses in place between the rocker switch and the instrument.

The helm is powered by a bank of 2 Optima group 31 batteries which also serve to start the starboard Yamaha 250 4s motor. The batteries are about 2 years old and test fine with a load meter with over 1000CCA available.

Hope that helps.

Could you find out the specified voltage range for each of the instruments? My hunch is the 1722C with radar transmitting requires the most, followed by the DFF1 and then the MFD 12 since The radar powered down before the DFF1.

The boat is a 2001 Stamas 310 Express. I suspect it is either a failing connection in the positive cable running from the battery switch to the helm or a grounding problem.

The NN3D system I installed end of Summer and replaced a Furuno 1850D with a failing screen and a Furuno FCV600L. Incidentally none of the ground wire (wing nut grounds) are connected to anything, could that be a problem? They were never connected to anything before in the old system. There is a grounding (green wire) system in the boat for through hull seacocks with an anode on the stern but it has never been connected to the helm electronics.

I was hoping if I could monitor the voltage on one of the units It would help me diagnose the problem.