FI50 instruments dead after Firmware upgrade




I am new to this forum but just have a question regarding my Furuno FI50 instruments. Yesterday I did the yearly software update of my MFD8 through mynavnet. The current version is 2.07. During the update process the system showed that the FI50 instruments will also be upgraded with a newer version. After upgrading and hitting OK on the MFD 8 the system shutted down. After rebooting, the instruments do no more show any value. In fact, every segment of the instruments is highlighted now. I cannot switch them of or change any settings at the FI50. There are three instruments, two multi and one wind, that behave exactly the same. I tried to run the firmware update again but the screen of the plotter no more shows the FI50 instruments. I have added a screenshot to better show how the instruments look after the upgrade.

Does anybody know how to fix the problem?

Best regards Axel


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I am not sure where you got the update that included the FI50 units. Furuno USA doesn't place the FI50 firmware on the NN3D incremental software. Normally, I don't recommend the FI50s be updated, if they are working fine for your needs. It sounds like something went wrong during your firmware update. This might have been issues the NMEA 2000 bus or something else. Overall, it looks like your units are toast. There is no way back from a bad firmware flash. This is exactly why we don't include it with our software. We recommend that our dealers or service center update these units. You might talk to your local distributor to see if they can offer you any relief.