Feature request - displaying the wind graphically


Furuno Super Fan
:sail It would be nice if there was an overlay on the Navnet 3d that could (on demand) display of the current wind direction as a graphical format on the display. Exemple a transparent arrow that would show were the wind is coming from.

Since the wind information is available, it would be simple to design that function that would have a great usage even for powerboat (if they have a weather station attached). Imagine when arriving on a strange dock or marina, you have on your display the wind direction visually and not having to interpret the wind direction in degree in relation to the boat direction.

The arrow could be transparent and turn around the boat in the display to show were the wind is coming from and could be added or removed by Rotokey-Overlay-Wind.

Am I dreaming too much :)
Northcaptain -

I forwarded your idea to our product development team. Thank you very much for your input!