FCV585 Software Upgrade?



Just curious. I notice that there is a newer software version available on the furuno website for my bottom machine. I downloaded the compressed file out of curiosity, hoping it would contain installation instructions, but no such luck. I'm not aware of any way to interface my FCV-585 with a computer or data storage device in order to effect a software upgrade. I don't understand why they would make that available on the website if there's no way to install it. What am I missing here?
(Love your forum name, by the way)
Great catch on the FCV585 software. It should have never shown up on our web site. We will get that corrected right away. The unit is not user upgradable. The upgrade is complex and not user friendly and if done incorrectly will turn your FCV585 into a very expensive toaster. Any upgrade should be conducted by an authorized dealer or our service center. Our service center will provide updates at no charge except your shipping costs. Normally shipping costs and paying your dealer are about the same, so I normally recommend working with your local dealer. If the unit ever goes into the service center for any reason, they will automatically update the software. With that said, unless you are having problems there shouldn’t be a need to update your software. The most recent versions are just adding other languages to the unit and everything else is unchanged. Thanks again for pointing the issue.
Thanks Johnny!
I supposed I should start a different thread for this, but do you know if this unit is compliant with NMEA0183, NMEA2000, or both types of networks?
The FCV585 is a NMEA 0183 device. The provided power cable contains NMEA 0183 input and output wires for your convenience.
so it WON'T work on a NMEA2000 network? Or will a 2000 network inherently work with all older network-friendly devices?
Out of the box it offers only NMEA 0183 support. It will not work with NMEA 2000, unless you connect a proper interface/converter. For example you could use the Furuno IF-NMEA2k2 (NMEA 0183 to/from NMEA 2000) interface to connect this unit to a NMEA 2000 backbone.