FCV295 Picture advance



While still working on the issue to determine if I need to replace my transducer, I thought I would post a second issue which may be related. While fishing around a rig in 6000' of water, the picture advance slowed to a crawl in Dual mode (LF and HF displayed) even though I had the range set to 200' and 600'. I believe the range setting determines the speed of the xdcr ping so I would have expected the display to advance quickly. It was like watching paint dry. I use to set my 292 which I recently replaced with the 295 in this way and it worked perfectly to mark bait and tuna around the rigs.

I adjusted the Pic Advance setting which had no significant impact on the speed and caused the display to look suspicious. I tried setting everything to auto, everything to manual, HF only, LF only and no settings seemed to make the display usuable.

Once back in less than 500' of water, I notice the performance was back to what I would consider normal on the HF. As explained in another post, the LF has not performed well in any depth yet. Any suggestions?
When you are using the split range function on the 295 the screen advance is tied to the deepest range. On the 295 try using a TX RATE of 20 and a screen advance of 1/1 to see if that helps.


Sorry for the confusion but I was not using split range. I was in Dual Mode and attempted the range 200 and the display was slow then went to 600 and the display was slow at this depth also. The Tx Rate was at the default setting of Max. The Pic Advance most of the time was at the default setting of 1/1. When I increased the speed to 4/1 I got a consistent pattern of dots across the screen which I described earlier as suspicious. The boat was traveling at 6 knots or less or holding up. Reading about the Tx Rate it seems to say boat speed could be a factor. Would the Tx Rate set to 20 likely help in this case?
The screen advance rate number ie 1/1, 2/1 or 4/1 is how much the screen moves for every TX pulse. So 1/1 means for every transmission the screen advances one step. In the case of 4/1 the screen move four steps for every transmission, so while your screen speed is faster your targets will appear more blocky. Having the TX RATE set at 20 is the fastest setting. One other item that could slow the sounder down is the Pulse Length setting, normal is STD or Standard. If it is set to Long or Manual it can slow the TX rate.