FCV-620 question



I want to move the unit from one boat to another. We use my brother’s boat for deeper water and mine for shallow. My fish finder died and instead of spending the $ on a new one we decided to set up my boat for the 620. Where can I get a spare power cord and transom mount transducer for this unit? We will be in 50' of water or less so I don't need anything to extravagant.
Hi Lead Pipe,

You can pick up an extra power cable and transducer from your local Furuno dealer. The easiest way to find a dealer near you is to use the Dealer Locator at the top of the page. Just click on 'Find a Dealer' at the top of this page, enter your zip code, and you'll get a list of Furuno dealers in your area.

The power cable you need is part # 000-156-405. The standard 50/200 kHz, 600W transom mount transducer with speed and temp is part # 525STID-PWD. You may also want to pick up an extra Mounting Bracket, part # 001-384-190, or an Overhead Mounting Bracket if you prefer, part # 585-RAM-MNT. I hope this helps!