FCV 600L



I have an older FCV 600L. It no longer can "see" the bottom and the fish. Do I have a problem and if so, where. Can I R&R the transom mount transducer with a "new & better" transducer? If so, which transducer do I want. I understand that there are some new version transducers that are greatly improved over my transducer (10 years old).
You would need to first find out if your problem is the unit or the transducer. (transducer is the most common) I would start with a factory rest of the settings just in case it is a setup/setting issue. (Hold + key while powering up the unit normally, until you get the system menu. Then reset the unit to factory default) If the unit is still having problems, I would recommend trying a known good transducer off the side of the boat for testing. If it works; then it is time to replace your transducer. If it doesn't, then it is time to have the sounder evaluated by a dealer.
thanks for the info. I will "reset" the unit and then check the transducer. Let's assume it is a "bad" transducer. Which of the "New, latest and greatest" transducers would you suggest I go to if I am replacing my existing transducer?