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I have a 585 and paired with Airmar 1KW B160 and I am running into issues, The screen seems to get all jumbled and doesn't read bottom on 50k. I bought from a local dealer and when brought to thier attention, they showed up with the stores Demo unit, and another transducer. When we swapped units, it seemed to have fixed the issue, but on my first trip off shore...200'-400' water at approx 12-15 kts it happened again....not nearly as often...prior to swapping, on 50k it would never read bottom. The dealer played with all the settings and seemed to have it right until it happened again. This is my 2nd 585, I had one on my previous boat with a 600w ducer and never had an issue.

At the beach yesterday it was doing it again on 'dual frequency' I am wondering if may be something else? attached is the image....any help would be appreciated. I am just getting frustrated...Summer in New England is to short.

Any help is really appreciated.


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Break away,
To judge if this is a sounder or transducer issue, please post two screen shots of the sounder in manual range,displaying both 50 & 200Khz, one screen shot with the vessel at 2 knots and one at 15 knots.


I will do this my first opportunity. Can you help me understand why?

So you want 50/200 at 2 and 15 kts, or 50k @ 2 & 15 kts and 200k @ 2 & 15 kts?
When using the Auto Range function the sounder needs to see the bottom so it can adjust the range accordingly. 50Khz is more susceptable to turbulence than 200khz. That is why I asked for screen shots showing both frequencies using a manual range setting at different speeds. Normally it (turbulence) will show up on 50Khz first as gaps in the bottom.

Thanks Snips,
I am traveling on business but will perform this as soon as I can and report back. I appreciate your assistance.

A customer of mine has a 585, brand new and a brand new transducer but when they connect up the transducer no reading is seen on the display
A bit more information would be useful. What transducer are they using and how is it mounted?