FCV 295 and maxsea compatible

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I have had stand alone furuno sounders but not used the maxsea program before. I recently have installed a FCV295. Waiting on information before committing to a transducer.

I saw a post saying that the 295 is not able to be used with Maxsea TZ (Plot/sport etc) is this the case?

If so what options do I have for PBG?

Can it be run on a tablet such as iPad etc (any??) or a lap top?

The FCV295 is a standalone sounder without any network port (like the FCV1150 has) so there is no way to get sounder video from this unit to the MaxSea software for display purposes. You can use the FCV295 to send over basic NMEA 0183 data to the MaxSea TZ for use with BPG and displaying digital depth in a data box. Ultimately, units that connect by Furuno network will provide better PBG results because they can provide special quality of data information to help with false depth numbers caused by turbulence. The FCV295 will work for PBG but you will never have sounder control or an active sounder picture on the MaxSea TZ screen.
As long as your laptop meets or exceeds the system requirements for Max Sea Time Zero it can be used. Max Sea TZ comes with a 2 station license so you may load it in your ships computer and your laptop.
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