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i have an 1150 sounder ,im running a 50hr-12b on the low freq,and a 85b-hr35 on the hi freq,both transducers are wet faced in the hull.
just wondering if there is a video on how to get the best set up out of these units,mine is reading ok but not as definitive as ive seen on other boats,ive been told its just my settings ,but i dont know what to adjust.


here are two screen shots ,the depth is in meters ,the first pic is of bait in 50m the second is kingfish in 85m,now while this is ok ,i have seen screen shots showing the bills and tail fins on marlin with the same set up as mine .
any suggestions appreciated.
Thank you for posting your questions with screen shots of your sounder. One thing that I noticed is your gain LF setting, one photo shows .8 and the other is at 1. I would suggest using more LF gain. One the 1150 great features is the post gain (All Gain) adjustment which lets you see how a different gain setting would have affected targets you already passed over. I find most folks don't use enough gain, I like to turn the gain up so I can see speckles in the water column, then I will look for patterns (fish targets) within the speckles. Once I start to see these I will then use the 1150's cluttler control to reduce the speckles but leave the fish targets. One other trick you can try is shortening the TX pulse length from STD (Standard) to Short 1. When you do this the 1150 actually transmits faster which will give you a better chance to ID fish targets. I would also suggest using a screen advance rate of 1/1, TX rate of 20 and Power setting of 10. Try these next time out to see if they help.

Good fishing,

just a thought on the gain ,when i had the transducers in a wet box i had the gain anywhere from 5 to 10 ,since ive had them wet faced the gain hasnt been above 5.and the picture is a lot clearer.not sure why only half the picture is showing on this forum ,anyway the hf has a lot more detail ,this pic is of a slimy mackrel bait school in 50 meters

this next pic is from another boat with the same set up as mine ,you can see the bills and tail fins on the marlin

the lf on this sounder is the 85hr transduscer which im using on the hf on my set up,thats the sort of detail im chasing.
Depending on the frequency you have the HF set for the beam angle for that ducer can range from 12.5 degrees on 68Khz to 7.7 degrees at 107Khz so your targets will appear shorter. On the other hand the 50B-12 has a 16 x 16 degree beam so those targets will appear longer. I noticed in the second photo you sent that that gentleman had his sounder on a 2/1 screen advance which stretchs any target. A lot of the guys I talk with like wider beam ducers ie 28Khz that have beam widths in the high 20's or low 30's. The longer the fish is in the beam the easier it is to see its charactistics.

ok so what do you suggest i set the 85hr freq to for optimum results ,and should i go to 2/1 screen rate.im actually not sure what the 85 hr is set at the moment,i knew it was adjustable but not sure where i should put it ,in conjunction with the 50 bl.thanks for your help :respect
Personally I like how fish targets appear using 1/1 better than 2/1. At 1/1 these numbers mean is that the screen will move one time for every TX pulse, so 2/1 mean the screen moves two divisions for every transmission. True, the screen moves faster but the fish targets can appear blocky. You asked what frequency to set the CA82-35R at, well thats a tough call. I would tend to go higher (107Khz) than lower (68Khz). This is because 68Khz will give you a very similar picture to 50Khz. I like to see how fish targets show up on two frequencies that are not close together. Keep in mind the higher the frequency the narrower the beam width which means short fish targets.

just a quick question ,i changed the power settings etc like you suggested ,big improvement ,ive turned up the gain so i have the speckles in the water colum,now to reduce the speckles ,do i just change the sensativity setting or is clutter control called something else.
im going fishing tomorrow so il get some pics.
here are a couple of pics from yesterday ,the sounder is getting better snips,i have the settings where you suggested except the screen rate its at 2/1.

the first pic is a trawler wreck with bait.

the second pic is bait school in 50 meters[slimy mackrel


these last two are of king fish ,these wernt my best screen shots ,my house battery died and i lost my electronics yesterday ,i did get a screen with speckles through the water colum and the i could see the red fish arches[first time]how do you adjust clutter control?to remove the speckles and still keep the gain up,cheers dave
I have a fcv 1100 would this advice apply to my fish finder also? :furuno
Can you tell us what transducers are connected to your FCV1100?

Sorry for the delayed response, I took a few days off for R & R. Your screen shots are looking better. At this point it looks like you are using a lot of gain for the depth of water. It is difficult to say use "X" amount of gain for "Y" depth of water, but one of the nice features of the 1150 is it's ALL GAIN control. This lets you adjust the gain on the entire screen, I have attached a screen shot of the 295 which has the same feature. Do you remember what transducer you are using?



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You should should try as many of the settings described for the FCV1150 as you can with the FCV1100. But they are different machines and the OP is using different transducers.
(example: The FCV1100 does not have auto power)
Make sure your transmit rate or pulse is set to 20 and your picture advance is 1 to 1.
That should help.

Let us know if you are experiencing any other issues.

my transducers are 50hr-12b and 85b-h35.my depth is reading in meters .i turned up the gain so i had speckles in the water colum .i had good arches in 86m with lots of clutter on the screen but i could clearly see arches in the the speckles ,so i was happy with that ,just not sure how to use the clutter control as you described to remove the speckles .
still catching good fish btw
If you press the Menu button, there is a setting in sounder sub menu called GAIN AREA, I recommend setting it for ALL. This will easily let you adjust the gain on the entire display, if you still have some unwanted speckles adjust the Clutter control up a little. One other trick you can try is changing the HUE of the targets, this setting is in the Display sub menu. It is probably set on the STD (Standard) setting but you can try different color schemes to see if one show less clutter than the rest.

ok i haave another question ,i was out chasing marlin on the weekend ,so i was in over 400meters of water ,ok so the hf wouldnt read bottom??is that too deep for it ??
the low freq would although i couldnt get the water colum speckles to dissapear,it didnt want any gain for some reason .
heres a pic with the low freq in zoom on the left ,the red show on the bottom is blue eye travella,im happy with that reading just not sure about the hi freq and the gain?
For some reason we still are seeing only half of your sounder screen. 85Khz should see 1400--1500ft but you will need to use more gain and probably a STD pulse length. I noticed your last pictures are showing more interference than before on low frequency. Can you write down the setting you are using?

ok sorry for the long delay ,i have the sounder set as you suggested in the previous posts ,look its pretty good ,i worked out that i didnt have the tvg set deep enough ,so i adjusted that and its working better .
im mainly fishing for marlin at the moment in up to 400 m of water,i still havnt been able to mark them as such.
i currently have the clutter control at 100% and crank as much gain as possible ,it shows bait schools really good ,but i carnt pick up individual marlin ??what else do i adjust to try and pick up marlin ??
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