FAP6011B Direct Substitute for Navpilot 511 Head?



I'm redoing my electronics w/ TZ14 as MFD. I am retaining my Navpilot 511 system. I would like to swap out 511 control head for FAP6011B control head to update look (adding FI504 as well). Is this a direct swap out w/o any need for new connections? Thanks.
Yes, you can do a direct swap out from the 511 control head for the 611 control head. I think the screw holes might move a bit but electronically it will work great. The FI504 and the new 611 control head will look good together. :cool (Of course you know the FI504 is on a NMEA 2000 network and not part of the pilot control network) Good luck with your update. :jump