FA50 Range


I have a FA50 I don't seem to get good range? At present I get 5-8nm?

I have a 1.4m ais antenna and it sits about 4m off the water.

What range should I get? I was hoping for 10-20nm

My next step will be to change the coax cable out.

Thanks Luke
The output power of class B AIS is 2 watts. At that power, AIS range is normally about 5 -8 nm sometimes more (depending on conditions). Your reception will be based on the transmitter of the target. If they are class A, then the typical range is about 48nm, depending on obstacles etc. If they are class B, the typical range is as stated above.

Normally 5 nm is more than enough time to avoiding hitting someone. :wink7
It may be worthwhile to add that altough other boats can "see you" at about 5 miles, Coast Guard is able to track me at 20-30 miles with my class B. I guess as in any RF propagation, it all depend the height of the receiving antenna and the capability of the receiver.

I love the FA-50 it is a great safety product !