FA50 & MaxSea v12.5.3.3

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Hello. I have the FA50 AIS and I wanted to see the targets in the MaxSea v12.5.3.3.

I could setup the AIS, but I cannot make MaxSea see targets on the computer. I have connected the AIS to the computer with the RJ45 cable, but I think the MS version I own doesn't understand the AIS protocol.

2 questions:

How can I connect the AIS so the MS show the targets?
How can I change AIS mode from "silent" to "TX/RX"? it looks like by default it stays on "silent" mode and won't transmit my position. (I have all information setup, including MMSI).

Thank you
First off, it would be recommended that you take advantage of the free update and update your MaxSea Classic software to the current version. (12.6.4)

MaxSea Classic requires that your software had the AIS module purchased, AIS properly interfaced, and the PC having both GPS position and boat HEADING (not course over ground) for the targets to display. If your software "doesn't understand the AIS protocol" then you most like are missing the required AIS module.

The newer FA50 unit (2011 and newer) can be setup for Silent mode. You must wire in a switch to allow you to turn on and off this feature. (see current manual pg 1-10,2-1,2-8, and S1) You will see it shown here on the interconnection diagram from the manual.
My FA50 was installed in 2009. Is there any way to configure a silent mode for it (other than also shutting down its receive mode)?
I am sorry. The silent mode was not a feature back then. You would have to turn off the unit to prevent transmission.
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