FA-50 and GP-150 "rollover issue" and software update

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It appears that my FA-50 and GP-150 are affected by the "rollover issue"

https://support.furuno.co.uk/en_US/news ... nuary-2022

I was able to cold start the FA-150 to get gps position again but the date, as indicated on the bulletin, still displays May 2002.

The FA-50 cannot be fixed with a "cold start" and now we cannot transmit our location on AIS. The solution for both the FA-150 and FA-50 problem is to take it to a dealer and have the software updated (for a fee?!). The challenge is that we're in the middle of the South Pacific and do not anticipate visiting an area with a service center for at least 6 months.

Is there any chance we can do the update ourselves? It seems insane that we have to pay for an update for a mistake on Furuno's part.

Another possible solution is to use external GPS (from my Navnet VX2 MFD) but I have never been able to get the FA-50 to recognize the Navnet VX2 GPS data.


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There was no mistake; the issue is caused by the old satellites we have in orbit the limitations of their design causing roughly a 20 year life of any GPS chip on the ground regardless of manufacturer.

Both the FA50 and FA150 have a software solution that extends the rollover period out further. Furuno USA units can be software updated at no cost other than return shipping at the Camas service location.

The FA50 2.02 software which is publicly posted with instructions on the website of the product will move the rollover to July 16th, 2039. The FA150 is a commercial product that is dealer or service update only due to the complexity and it being a commercial product.
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