External buzzer installation


Furuno Super Fan
I'd like to install an external buzzer on the MFD12 and the documentation says pin 15 on the data 2. There is another pin 12 with +12V for buzzer. I'm puzzled, i have a small 200 mW 12 volt buzzer, where should i install it (which pins for positive and negative please) ?

According the manual I think Pin 12 (Black/White) +ve and pin 11 (Black) -ve.

I am a bit concerned about the 200mA buzzer you have chosen. I think the buzzer needs to pull 120ma or lower. I will have to do some digging in my notes but I am worried your buzzer might not work as well or at all.
I thought that too until I realised he stated 200 milliwatts (not milliamps) That should be around 17 milliamps so well within the capabilities of the MDF.
A word of caution.

Obviously set:
Alarm-General-Alarm = Internal & External (or External only)

Also be sure to have:
Alarm-General-External Alarm Input = Off

I found that if the External Alarm Input is anything but OFF, every time the buzzer sounds, it'll initiate an External Alarm. Hence, every time the buzzer goes off, you'll get a new waypoint on the screen.

I surmised that my buzzer is low enough impedance when active to trip the External Alarm Input. The fix is as above, simply turn off the External Alarm Input.