Duel VX2 units Right Unit Freezes, Goes Blank



I just purchased a new boat with duel VX2 units. Everything seems to work fine except that on our first trip offshore, the display on the right unit (the unit without the map) seems to freeze up. When I would power down and power back up, it would come back blank. The other day while at the marina, I powered it on and it seemed to work ok. Anyone have any ideas on what the problem could be?
There are two things that normally cause lockups like you describe.
1. Software is out of date in one or both machines.
2. The data flow/setup of the unit(s) are not correct.

For example if your software is prior to 2009 and you receive a class B AIS target from your AIS, it will lock up the unit. This is because the FCC didn't approve class B until 2009 and the older software in the machine chokes on it.

If you contact our tech support from the boat we can normally help you identify setup issues (like cascading data loops) or find where your software falls in the spectrum of things. This would be your fastest means to identifying the problem without calling out a dealer.
It is rarely an issue with the machine itself.