Digital depth guage and temp on NavNet VX2



I just had a navnet vx2 installed on my boat. Everything seems to be working ok but I cannot get the sounder to give a digital depth or a temp reading in sounder mode. It will give me a depth contour reading though. I CAN get a digital depth reading while in plotter mode. Anyone have any idea how I can get this to work? :questions Not sure of type transducer but depth and temp worked when hooked to old unit. (Sitex 106) Thru hull transducer and can't find markings on wiring or ducer to find out what transducer it is.
If the source of your depth and water temp is via a NETWORK sounder, then you should ensure that the "SOURCE" is properly set to look for it. You will find the "DEPTH SOURCE" and the "TEMP SOURCE" setting on your VX2 under MENU - SYSTEM CONFIG - NAV OPTION - NAV SOURCE SETTINGS. When using NMEA depth wired to the VX2 the source should be NMEA, but when using a NETWORK sounder it should be set to "ETR" (Electronic Sounder).
Thanks for the help. I think the transducer is the problem.