DEfault vector and fishing charts - East coast


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I am struggling w. the default eact coast vector and raster charts. I ahve downloaded and installed the latest (SDUS00VS57Map10 & SDUSFISHMAP01 onto a pair of NN3 MB12 displays.

Vector will show sounded depths but no contuour lines. The overlay shaded option gives me colour contours, but does not give my any line countours, no matter what range I zoom in or out to.

Fishmap is worse - I get miserable coastlines, 2-3" straight lines, no detail and neither depth soundings or contours. I know it is loaded because it has labels "Alvin Canyon", "Atlantis Canyon" etc in the right places, but no other markings.

My SW is V2.07 but I note my kernel version is dated August 28, 3006.

Any suggestions on how to get these charts properly displayed. I did my own upgrade from V1.x to 2.07 a year ago and am wondering if in doing so I inadvetently turned off a setting which shows contour lines.

Thanks for any help.
Try using the fishing chart (Roto-key, Chart, FISHING) then try ranging in and out. You need to be looking at waters 100ft or deeper. The fishing charts scale based on your range so you will need to try different range levels.
Nothing when I do that; no lines, no numbers, nothing. I'm looking at water from 400-1000' deep.

Just the canyon label and no other indication.

What should I expect to see pn fishing charts?

Likewise -w hat should I expect to see w/ the standard vector chart - just the sounding or should contour lines be displayed?
There will be very limited bathylines on a Vector/navigational chart. There will be spot soundings and us of 3D Depth shading. The fishing charts will have black bathy lines. There are a few areas where there isn’t any bathy lines for the fishing charts; but only in a few areas. If you have no bathy lines at all, anywhere up and down the east coast, then your unit has an issue of some sort. I would recommend you call into tech support while in front of the unit so we can talk you thru some troubleshooting steps.
I have both w/ V2.07, both not isplaying bathy lines on the fishing chart.

Tech support will not answer till Monday. Are there any things - tests or information I can gather this weekend while in front of the unit to help me w/ tech support on Monday?
Best to talk to someone while you are at the unit or contact your local dealer for assistance. It really isn't clear why you don't have data. It will need some troubleshooting.