Converting .gpx to NavNET VX2 1944C?



We have 3 week trip to Bahamas coming up in early May. Have plotted all routes using OpenCPN on PC. Entire trip is plotted.

The trip has ~15 Routes, and each route has between 6-20 waypoints.

Looking for best way to:

1. Convert .gpx to Furuno format for my VX2 1944C

2. Explicit instructions on how to UPLOAD (Would love to use SD Card rather than NMEA cable)

Seems to be a black art... THX. in advance.

UPDATE: A 3rd party firm said they can convert for me. But that I need to double-check what format is required. They said they thought the correct upload format for VX2 was:

GP1650B rou/rat waypoint files

They also said this file type MAY be able to be loaded via SD Card, rather than using NMEA cable. That folks at Furuno could tell for sure. Would appreciate any input/replies. Thx.
Yes, the folks at Andren have said they can CONVERT Waypoints from .gpx to "C-Map" format. Their software does not handle Routes, though.

Yet, still not sure if this converted data can be loaded onto an SD card and uploaded to the VX2? Another vendor said that format goes beyond just C-Map format. He said it must be in GP1650B rou/rat format to load properly.

Are there any special requirements for using SD Card as your upload device, if waypoints are in correct format?
If you have a one time convert of GPX to Vx2; just open a support case with us and attach the files. We will gladly convert them so you can put them on a SD card and load them into the machine. MaxSea Classic (12.6) will convert GPX to Vx2 and back but is a bit costly for doing just that.

Thank you very much. Will do. Appreciate it. Yes, this is a one-time convert for this specific trip.

I have a 512MB blank card. Will VX2 accept card this size? Some info says max. size card VX2 will handle is smaller than this. Not that this matters, but software was just upgraded by Furuno Dealer this week. Thanks again.

The Vx2 will use up to the max SD card size (2GB). Larger 4GB-32GB is SDHC not SD. 64GB-128GB is SDXC. The Vx2 uses SD, The NN3D uses SDHC and under (except the BB keyboard which is SD), the TZtouch uses to SDXC and under. Your 512MB will work fine for the Vx2.

Again, thank you for quick reply and help! Really appreciated...