Connecting Simrad AP24 to VX2



I want to be able to have my autopilot communicate my VX2 (specifically chart overlay with my radar). is there any special connectors outside of what comes with the Simrad AP24 autopilot that I will need to purchase. someone told me I need a Simnet kit to allow them to be compatible? is this true or will it simply just connect to my machine..
I use my VX2 for everything..sounder, chart and radar..
Unlike the Furuno Navpilot 700; the Simrad doesn't appear to support both the 2000 and the 0183 communications. The Simrad AP24 uses a SimNet bus (like NMEA 2000 but the connectors are proprietary). Since your Vx2 uses NMEA 0183, you would need to convert the data to/from the SimNet bus. Using the Simrad AT10 NMEA 0183 to SimNet converter would most likely be the best method. You would also need an NMEA 0183 heading cable (Furuno 000-154-054) to bring the heading from the pilot (AT10 converter) into your NavNet display. This will allow the radar overlay and heading into your NavNet system.
My AT10 is connected to the Vx2 port using the connector that it came with. The heading is not read by the Furuno and therefore unable to provide an overlay screen. You say I need the heading cable. Where/how is the Furuno heading cable ( 000-154-054) attached to the AT10? Should I splice it to the oem cable attached to the AT10? Thanks
Don't confuse AD10 heading and the AT10/HD converter. The converter will provide you NMEA heading conversion but not AD10 heading data for ARPA. It will work for basic NMEA heading for radar overlay or viewing the heading numbers. When using the AT10HD converter to the 6 pin heading cable, you would connect two wires.

AT10HD --- 6 pin heading cable 000-154-054

Yellow to White
Green to Black