Connecting Radar (DRS2D) TZ Touch and PC



What is the cabling required to connect the DRS2D to the TZ Touch14 and to have it available on my PC running MaxSea?
Thank you.
The DRS2D will come with the required scanner cable. Since the TZT14 hasn't released yet, it is hard to say what cables it will include. It will most likely include a network cable, like our current NN3D units have. Since you plan on running MaxSea TZ software on a PC and the radar, you will need a network hub (like hub101 or BBWX2) for both of these network items to speak with the TZT14. Lastly, you will need a radar power supply (PSU12) to power the radar scanner. The scanner would connect to the power supply with the supplied cable. The power supply would connect to the hub with a network cable (might need to purchase this cable to the length you need or make one). The TZT14 network cable would connect to the hub as would the PC running the MaxSea TZ software. The fine details are still coming out but it might be possible to run a norm off the shelf network hub if you prefer. We will know more of the possibilities once the system releases from Japan.