Connecting a Dff3 to a navnet vx2 network



I recently added a dff3 network sounder to my navnetvx2 network replacing the dff1 that I had. I have changed the dip switches and set up the tap settings as per the instructions but get the error where the led light is blinking every 0.4 seconds which translates to, Transducer settings at navnet, navnet 3d not properly set. I can't find any way to change the setting in the display unit has anybody had any experience with this? I would appreciate some help as I am completely stuck at this point, Thanks, Rosco.
The Vx2 has software settings for the setup of the DDF3 that is required. (That isn't there when using a DFF1). Please hold the MENU key on power up, to get into the INSTALL MODE. Hold the MENU key before starting until about 5 seconds passed the boat screen, then let go. The machine will continue booting but offer a selection screen where you can choose "INST MODE". After hitting ENTER, the machine will finish booting. You will need to get to the sounder settings by hitting MENU - SYSTEM CONFIG - INSTALLATION SETUP - NETWORK SOUNDER SETUP - hit the FREQ key on the side - setup the transducer and the frequencies being used on the DFF3.
Hi Johnny, I tried your advice but still no joy when I get to the installation setup page the only options I have are, NETWORK SETUP, RADAR SETUP, ETR IP ADDRESS SETUP and NETWORK SETUP FOR AUX NO network sounder setup. However I am presently using the network connection cable that I was using with the DFF1 because the cable I got with the DFF3 has clip-in fittings both ends and Numbered MOD-Z072-050C My display unit has a plug-in with a locking collar one end. The number of the cable I am using is.MJ A6SPF/TM11AP8.C050.the manual says I should have a MJ A6SPF0017.050C.
I might have gotten the path wrong... Try MENU - SYSTEM CONFIG - INSTALLATION SETUP -
ETR IP ADDRESS SETUP and see if you have a tab on the side that says FREQ SETUP.
Hi Johnny, I tried that and changed the tranny settings but still no joy I did notice that if I go into Network setup/sounder source that the I/P address of the sounder is ETRO and if i go into ETR I/P Address setup the sounder source is ETRO now in ETR SETUP I don,t have the option of changing the I/P Address to but in network setup I do have the option of changing that to but will that stuff up the rest of the network?


Hi Johnny, I finally got it sorted, apparently when you connect only one Transducer to the DFF3 you connect it to the Low frequency port. It doesn't matter if it is high or low the tranny list is the same on the display unit, something that should be in the installation manual or at least on the net somewhere,thanks for your help,