charting upgrade



I have a Navnet vx2 serial# 4326-8343, purchased it in 2006. I upgraded my 2006 c-map charts with a 2013 version. To make that work I had a soft ware upgrade installed in my Furuno Vx 2 Radar/ Plotter. It functioned perfect for several days. I started my main engine with the plotter on and it shut the navnet down. Now it seems to have erased the updated version of the software and the unit will not run with the new c-map plugged in. Wont even turn on until I remove the chart. Any sugestions? thanks Kimbo.
It sounds like the chart card was damaged due to your power issue. If you check the program number, I think your Vx2 still has newer software. I have seen chart cards get damaged and prevent the unit from starting. Even with old Vx2 software, the unit would still power up. Try your old chart card. You might want talk to C-map to find out if they will provide a discount replacement if you send the chip back. If you can't chase down your boat power issue; you might want to consider a power conditioner like a Newmar StartGuard to prevent this from happening again. ... oners.html