C-Map NT or Navionics



I recently purchased a used RDP-149 VX2 unit that says C-MAP NT on the card cover but I have read in the manual online that's it's also compatible with Navionics Gold SD cards. However, on the Navionics website it says my Furuno product is not compatible with 1XG.

Can someone let me know if the Navnet VX2 units are compatible with Navionics?

The NavNet vx2 was compatible with either C-Map or Navionics, not both.
Your unit is designed for C-Map NT or NT Max only.
Sorry for the stupid question but, assuming its original equipment, is it safe to say if the card reader door says C-Map NT MAX that the unit is only compatible with C-MAP? Thanks
Not a stupid question at all. It is always best to ask first to be sure.

Yes, your NavNet is designed for C-Map.