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Hi there again,

I have now seen the beast (the NN1) and it looks like a solid piece of equipment. What I didn't expect was that it is a Furuno/navionics system whereas I was hoping (and I bought the cards) to have an NT version.

I read somewhere that this was a software upgrade; is it included in the U/G provided in the support zone or do I need to do something...

Also the window could be clearer, any possibility to buy a new one ? Thank you guys, you are great !
A Navionics NavNet 1 can be converted to C-map NT+ programming. It is best to have your local dealer or send it into us at Furuno. The update isn't easy on the NavNet 1 like it is on the newer Vx2 or 3D units. Furuno will update the software at no charge but normally your shipping costs will run about the same as working with you local dealer. If you wish to have the bezel replaced then you would want to get an estimate from the dealer or send the unit in to our service center for evaluation.
Thanks !

The problem is that I have no local dealer to send it to (I'm based in Europe). Can I do it at my own risks (I have many colleagues in Software and communication, if I go wrong...)

Is this a soft are patch different from the software update that is posted on the site ? If so, is there a way to get it ?

Many thanks !

Ok Johnny !

So it is the same update... this sounds all good to me !

Last question, I guess the difference between the "network cable" and the "PC cable" is that the lastest is a crossover RJ45 plug while the other is straight, correct ?

Many, Many , Many thanks ! can wait to see the whole system working !
The update is done with an Ethernet cable. Whether you need a cross over network cable depends on if you are using a hub/switch. Normally it is best to use straight network cables and go thru a hub. (letting the hub do the cross over so they can talk) If you are doing a direct connection from the PC to the unit (without hub), you must have a cross over network cable so they can communicate.
I went through the update today and it all runs perfectly well ! The information provided was extremely clear and it all worked like a charm. My NN1 now displays rich data and comunicates with the other sensors onboard !

Many, Many, thanks for the help. It is appreciated !

And now it works with the Radar dome as well !

I changed the name in the configuration screens and it all went OK. I truly appreciate the quality of the products and above all your help !

I have a couple of questions for those of you that have successfully installed this update.

1) how long did it take?

I ran it for an hour with no results. My Computer IP and Subnet Mask are correct and the Offset Port Number(on display) are all correct. I am using a network hub to connect to the Display and have no other devices plugged into the hub. I am using a standard CAT 5 Network Cable.

2) on screen 6/13 it prompts me to turn on the display to be updated and that the program will run automatically when I power up the Display. Is there anything that shows the progress of the install such as a hourglass or bar? When I power up the Display it has a black screen but the fan is running and it is obviously on. None of the buttons respond.... I assumed this was probably normal if it is in a special mode for updates. I don't see any progress status or anything on the Computer to let me know that it's actually doing anything.

3) when I start the update it shows a separate window with Model #'s ... Do I need to highlight my model or is that just a list of the models supported?

I let it run for an hour and there was quite a bit of activity on my Hard Drive but nothing seemed to be happening so I cancelled the update.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am trying to do this update myself as I am in Costa Rica and don't have access to a Furuno dealer here.


Hi Alex,

is this the first replay to your post?
Have you solved your instalations problems of the software?
I have read there exists some instalations instructions in PDF in this forum.

Have best sea !
Capt Jacob

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