Switching from C-Map to Navionics


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I have a 2006 GD-1920C and GD1720C dual unit setup on network and was using a C-Map NT Max SD card, #NA-M305. (I do have a 6kW open array radar and dual GPS units on this network also.) This past week the SD card must have corrupted somehow because neither unit will start-up with the card installed. Units work fine with card out.

I bought a Navionics gold card and was wondering what was required to setup these units with the Navionics card, since both were setup to use the C-map card. Is this just a plug-n-play operation? Or is there a specific setup sequence that must be done to get these units to read the Navionics card?
While it is certainly possible to convert your displays to Navionics it is an involved process that is best done at our Camas, Washington facility. Frankly, I do not recommend that you go that route.
Your best solution would be to have a local dealer update your units to the most current version of software. This can easily be done on your boat. Your dealer could also test a new C-Map cartridge once updated as most dealers keep one available for testing. If your corrupted card is old it was probably time to update it anyway.
You can find a list of authorized Furuno dealers on our website by clicking the “Find a dealer” link in the upper right corner of the home page.
Thank you for the reply.

This is disapointing news since the C-Map card that I had (NA-M305) appears to be no longer produced, and I have yet to find out what is the direct replacement for the C-Map charts. I wish the Operator's manuals for both of my Furno units would have told me this.
What is your boating region and I'll find out what C-Map card you need?
They discontinued some smaller regions as more data and larger memory cards became available.
The operators manual covers the operations of the unit but C-Map (Jeppesen) is another company which we don't control. Their Vx2 SD type maps are sold by them and their dealers. I found that the map you are talking about is the Florida and the Bahamas chart. This chart has been replaced with a larger coverage area for the same price. (This is a good thing) You would be looking at the M-NA-M022.20 (USA EAST COAST and BAHAMAS). You would have to purchase it from Jeppesen or one of their dealers. If you wish to speak with them, they can be reached at +1 (508) 477-8010. You can also view the coverage areas of their maps at http://ww1.jeppesen.com/marine/lightmar ... apType=max

I've had two of my C-Map SD cards die from old age as well but found a reasonable option to keep updated. You can sign up for Club Jeppesen for $100 or so per year (less if you are a SeaTow member) and with the membership can get a "free" annual map update. Don't worry too much about the older map cards being discontinued as the newer map cards have all the old map data and much, much more as technology has allowed for much more data storage capacity. The guys at Jeppesen offered to send (loan) an SD card to update the software on my units to allow the larger capacity cards to work properly but the software can be downloaded from Furuno site as well. I haven't updated my software yet as I am still using my older bathmetric chart for now.
Not sure if this is best forum for my question, but here goes. I just purchered a 2002 Arima Sea Legend that has furuno GD1720 an net c-map nt on board. There are no manuels or instructions with... Where can I get help with instruction, updates, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated . Thank you...