bbff to dff1 Upgrade




Just purchased dff1 to upgrade my current Navnet 1/bbff system.

I noticed the new dff has ethernet port whereas the bbff does not.

Is there an adapter to run current Navnet cord into ethernet port of dff1 or do I have to run ethernet cord from dff to Navnet?

There is an adaptor, but if you use it, you will end up with the wrong type of network connection. (straight instead of a cross or vice versa = No Talky) The cost of the adaptor is about the same a new cable (less if going to a hub) so it would be better to buy a cable. If going direct from the display or PCconcepts hub to the sounder, please order Furuno part# 000-159-705. If going from a standard RJ45 connector type hub (like Dlink/Netgear) to the sounder; please buy locally a CAT5e or CAT6 RJ45 to RJ45 straight network cable. You can normally find them at Best Buy, Staples, Circuit City etc..
Hi Johnny,

Finally replaced bff with dff1 and I am getting the solid LED light and not seeing the Navnet. All toggles are matching the instructions.

The xdr is plugged into the dff and ethernet plug is plugged into same location the bff plugged into the netgear hub.

is there something I have to change on the Navnet for it to recognize the dff?
The DFF1 mode switches should be in the Vx2/NN1 position. (Dwn, UP, UP, Dwn)
If the DFF1 has good power going to it, the unit should show a solid LED light for about 30 seconds of power on, and then start flashing at a 2 second rate. If this light stops flashing and goes solid after three minutes, then you have a communications problem. It wouldn't matter the settings of the NavNet at this point. The cause would normally be from using the wrong cable type or bad network switch. Are you using a HUB? If so, what type? What cables are you using to connect the DFF1 to the Hub/unit?
Hi Johnny,

I plugged the ethernet cable that came with dff1 to the netgear hub already being used previously with the bff1. There was only 1 slot open on the hub where I plugged in the cable, it is marked "10m". Same slot where the bff1 was plugged in previously.

The LED is solid, not blinking, and we have the switches correct.

This is for a Navnet 1, not a vx2, does that make a difference?
No, when it comes to the DFF1, there would be no difference on settings with a NavNet 1 versus a Vx2. There is no doubt you have a communications problem. We just need to find the issue and solve it. It is not uncommon to run into an issue like this with an off the shelf hub. Besides not being designed for boat power, these hubs generally do not have auto sensing ports like the Furuno Hub101. This mean you really have to watch what cables you use. (Straight & cross-over) The currently shipping DFF1 units are shipped with a RJ45 to RJ45 network cable (part# 000-167-176). That cable is a cross-over cable to allow it to connect directly to a unit like the NavNet 3D MFD12. If all of your other connections to the Netgear are straight, the hub does a cross and then the cross-over cable to the DFF1, results in an overall straight connection between the DFF1 and the NavNet 1. This won't work because the send lines are going into the other units send lines, instead of the receive lines where it belongs. Without knowing all of your cabling, I think you can solve the issue in one of two ways. 1.) Replace the cross-over network cable from the DFF1 to the hub with an off the shelf straight cable from a normal computer or department store. 2.) Keep the existing cable, but add a cross-over adaptor between the cable and the DFF1. You can normally pick up a cross-over adaptor at places like Circuit City, CompUSA, Best Buy, Staples etc... Adding a Cross-over to a cross-over cable will un-cross it or make it a straight connection. I hope that makes sense. :questions

It makes total sense, I'll purchase an off the shelf cord from a computer store and let u know if it works.

Works like a charm, thanks for your help, the off the shelf ethernet cable was the trick!

Amazing upgrade from B744 to ss270w.