DFF 3UHD and PBG Recording Bottom in Deep Water


Just finishing up a new boat for launch this summer. Installed a DFF 3D & 165T-B54, a B275LHW that will connect directly to a TZT16 ( or TZT16X) and a DFF3 UHD connected to a R509LM. A SCX20 will be installed as well as Time Zero Pro. Several questions.

Will there be a way for to use soundings from the DFF 3UHD to record the bottom in deep water??? On my current boat, depending on bottom composition the 165T looses bottom between 600-900 feet. Granted that the R509LM is a single beam sounder but it would be nice to record the bottom in deeper water when the 165T fades out.
Time Zero Pro does accept data from a single bean sounder. Your Thoughts on this??

Is there a detailed user manual on the operation of the DFF 3UHD? The brochure mentions it can be used in the CW mode. I have not been able to find what setting are available in the CW mode. I am currently running a FCV1150 ( now 24 years old and running like new) . That unit has a very robust menu for settings. Will the DFF3 UHD have a similar menu in the CW mode?

The Furuno MFDs will only run PBG with the DFF3D.

The user manual for sensors is in the MFD or display that it is to be attached to as different generations can have different feature sets. Check out the Fish Finder section in the user manual of the TZT3 or the TZTXL once they post online.
The FCV1150 is an excellent stand alone fish finder. There is a reason why we still sell it.