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What is the recommended low profile thru hull transducer for a BBDS1 connected to a MFD12.

Other than bottom discrimination what differences are there between the DFF1 and the BBDS1

Thank you for your question. At this time, there are no flush mount transducers in the BBDS1 Bottom Discrimination data base. The DFF1 and BBDS1 are the same except the Bottom Discrimination mode.

Ok - one more question - to anyone who may assist - thanks
This question started 8 years ago when I purchased my first Furuno 7000F - had great service despite a rough wet boat - so now new boat and I need new electronics - and decide to stick with Furuno. The furuno rep suggests NavNet 3D system with MFD, GP-330B, BBDS-1, Airmar B164 1kW transducer,F15002, Hub 101, GX 2150 VHF, 5225XT Antenna, DRS4D radar and PSU012 power supply. All good until I check on the Airmar and Furuno sites about these recommendations and see the B164 does not support the bottom discrimination function of the BBDS1. So I ask the furono rep and get told that the B164 will not work and that there is no 1kW through hull transducer to suit the BBDS1 and that those listed on the Furuno website are actually old and maybe best to wait for the Miami boat show in a few weeks etc. Meantime things get a bit more hazy when checking the hulltruth forum it states 'the BBDS1 is not a substitute for the DFF1'. So I talk to a local dealer in Brisbane and he says 'have you looked at Raymarine , their screens are better' and another one says 'have you looked at Garmin, their technology is better' - so my last question is - Why is this so hard ?
Oops - thanks for that reply Snips - it came as I was submitting the last post - I thought there would be no answers forthcoming - was too impatient - Could you suggest a suitable transducer for the above setup (see my last post) in a Worldcat 270 TE ( I have been told the recommended transducer for this boat is a low profile bronze thru hull model )- or could you recommend a different setup ? My fishing/diving is shallow (30m for diving and up to 100m for fishing) and my preference is for good structure and bottom definition as we try to locate reds on small isolated reef structures @ 45m - 75m depth that no-one else has yet found.

Hi Snips
I found this post from Melville - how about the bronze thru hull CA 50/200 - 12M, 1kW (no plug) listed below or is that no longer available ?

"Re: FCV-587 availability - US market
by Melville » Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:29 pm

Bottom Discrimination is only enabled when certain transducers are connected.
The SS270W is not one of them.

The following transducers are needed to enable Bottom Discrimination:
FCV627, FCV587, BBDS1-
520-5PSD Plastic Thru-Hull Transducer, 600W (10-Pin)
520-5MSD Bronze Thru-Hull Transducer, 600W (10-Pin)
525-5PWD Plastic Transom Mount Transducer, 600W (10-Pin)
525STID-MSD Bronze Thru-Hull Multisensor with High-Speed Fairing Block, 600W
525STID-PWD Plastic Transom Mount Multisensor, 600W (10 Pin)
FCV587, BBDS1 Only- MB1100 Required) -
CA50/200-12M Bronze Thru-Hull Transducer, 1kW (No Plug)
CA50/200-1T Rubber Coated Transducer, 1kW (No Plug)Melville
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From our testing we have found that the DFF1 and BBDS1 are pretty equal when it comes to fish detection. However you shouldn't expect the same fish detection from the BBDS1 when it is in the Bottom Discrimination mode, this is because the pulse length is longer and the TX rate is slower. Also even if you when you are on a single screen it is using both frequencies to classify the bottom. We have seen this same characteristics when you are in the ACCU-FISH mode. If you don't care about the bottom type I would lean towards the DFF1. Here in the US we also tend to use more thru hull transducers than flush mount.

Hi Snips
Thanks for the explanation - so what I could do is use the bottom discrimination to confirm the area of gravel and mark it on the chart - then switch the bottom discrimination function of the BBDS1 off and focus on finding the fish in that area using the BBDS1 as if it were now the DFF1 with equal results. Is this logic correct ?

The boat is currently in the US - the shipping agent is holding up the liner while the transducer gets fitted - so I need to hurry and get a sounder that suits - so thru hull like you use more of there in the US is good - I just neeed to know which one..............
You could use the BBDS1 as you described. Now for the hard part, how to fit the appropriate transducer for what you want to do. Cat hulls are a challenge to say the least and not having one to look at makes it is even harder. Drawing and pictures help, but its not the same as getting look at it first hand. The best I will be able to do for you is recommend four different transducers that I feel will work the best (note that I didn't say easiest to mount). First will be the CA50/200-12M or 1T follow by the 520-5MSD or 5PSD.
Hull Image 2.JPGHull image 1.jpg

Thanks again Snips
I see from the Furuno guide that I will not be able to read temp with these transducers and will have to also get an MB1100 if I go with the 1kW - so I am starting to lean towards a DFF1 and away from bottom discrimination as you suggested in a previous post. I have attached some photos of the hull - could you suggest a suitable choice of transducers for the DFF1 and the position on this hull ?
Thank you for the pictures, but unfortunately there not enough in the pictures to make a recommendation. I wish I could be help more but to feel comfortable I would need to see the hull first hand. At this point it is probabaly better to get the dealers input on transducer placement. Sorry.