ARPA Guard zone NN3D


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Hello! I have been testing the ARPA functionality with NN3D. Currently the ARPA detection area is defined by using the RADAR guard zones. The problem is that you cannot currently operate the two guard zones independently, if say you have a guard zone set up for the ARPA that is 270 degrees around the vessel with a 4 mile range using the "acquire" function, and you also have a 20 degree guard in front of the vessel at say 1/2 mile using the "alarm" function, BOTH guard zones will become active setting off alarms, basically making the alarm function useless because it will alarm everything within the 270 degree 4 mile "acquire" area designated for ARPA.

Is there a workaround for this?

A better option might be to have a ARPA specific zone that can be implemented, rather than using the radar guard zones, if this could be included in a future software update.

Hello Underwaterdude,

You are correct that the Guard Zone settings apply to both Guard 1 and Guard 2. There is no way to set one as an Alarm Zone and have the other set to Auto Acquire.

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