Another 1935 question



I am trying to fit the antenna on to the scanner of a new 1935 and it will not seat flush with the scanner. I read in the FAQ that the foam block is supposed to remain in place, but there doesn't seem to be enough room for it to fit between the waveguide fittings. I could probably snug it down with the bolts, but I am afraid to force anything until I know for sure. I was careful to slide the antenna sideways and down onto the scanner to insure that the foam is in the gap, but it pinches between the waveguides and won't seat completely. Do I just bolt it on down, or am I doing something wrong? And, is that gap between the waveguide assemblies of the scanner and antenna normal?

Bryan, TX
I think the insert you are speaking of is sticking out the waveguide at the opening (coming out to the side) at the rotation joint, on the outside of the gearbox. This would be removed when mounting the array. The foam inside the RF section waveguide (inside the gearbox) would not be removed. It is to keep contaminates from getting down inside the RF unit and waveguide.
Thanks for the reply. Yes, the foam is inserted in the the outermost part of the waveguide assembly, so I will remove it. The antenna seats properly without it, but there is a slight rotational slack between the antenna and scanner before the bolts are tightned. Do the waveguide ends have a slight gap between them? It seems that the antenna would have a snug fit to prevent rf leakage. I can't tell exactly how much of a gap there is - maybe not enough to worry about. I will power up the scanner today and see if all is well.

Thanks again,
The waveguides (one from the rotary joint and the one in the array) will normally be near each other or touch slightly. If during the attempts to mount the array, you might have moved the array waveguide but you can normally re-adjust/move it slightly with your fingers before mounting. When mounted, there can be a small space between the two guides, this would be normal. In many cases they will be touching slightly. There are no notches or attachments between these two waveguides. Once the array is mounted everything should work properly for you. Make sure you use the provide 3bond sealant when you mount the array. This is very important to keep water out of the RF unit and the array.