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Will TZtouch have an App for Android Tablets and phones?
It is being developed, but will take more time since there are many more hardware platforms for Android devices than there are for Apple products.

It is most likely that, initially, a list of compatible devices will be released as opposed to compatibility with all Android based devices.
Early fall? :thumbdown
Boating season will be over by then.
Im glad to hear that this is still going to happen, it is one thing that currently is putting me off buying the TZ in place of my 3D.
Has a release date been announced for the Android App?
If yes, what is the date?
If no, is the Android App still on schedule to be released in early fall?
If it is no longer scheduled for early fall, when is it scheduled for?
Which Android devices is the first release being designed to work on?
"Early Fall" has come and gone and a new, 2014 boating season is upon us.

Alas, the promised android app seems to be no where to be found and while it certainly was not a large part of my decision to buy my TZT14 and other Furuno equipment, (for mine and 4 other boats as well in fact) it is part of the reason.

I have to say I feel "cheated" and it would be very nice to get an accurate and honest answer on what the future holds for Android support.

Anyone know the real story and when or if android support is coming?
The good news is Japan says the Android Apps are still coming. Programming for Android is harder than they expected because there are so many variants (gingerbread, Jelly bean, Kitkat etc...) including hardware manufacturers to deal with. Apple controls the software/hardware so it was a bit easier for those apps. The bad news is I can't say exactly when we will see the software release, but I was told this summer. At Miami boat show, they even had beta software of another Android app (new) that allows you to have a button remote for the TZtouch. It acts a lot like the new MCU002 controller (which just became available). ... uct=MCU002
With luck, unless something changes, we will see three Android Apps. "Remote, Control, and Viewer"
Please Note: Three All-New Android "Controller", "Remote" & "Viewer" Apps are now available now in the Google Play Store. They released last week. Due to how Android uses Wi-Fi compared to iOS, the Android requires the use of a wireless router to access the TZtouch.

Complete details on the NavNet Controller app are available on our website. Simply download the free app from the Google Play Store, configure your system on-board, and simplified, remote navigation is at your fingertips! For Apple users, never fear, a version of the Controller App will be available for iOS devices very soon. For a complete overview of our app offerings for both Android and Apple iOS, please review our iOS and Android Apps Guide located under the TZtouch product.
Johnny Electron":84ju8at5 said:
Complete details on the NavNet Controller app are available on our website.

I can usually find things pretty easily but in this case could you provide a link to this information please?