Adding Autopilot



I own a 35 foot aluminum catamaran with twin RDP-139 displays, radar, sounder, and C-500 heading sensor all manufactured by Furuno. The existing autopilot is a Coursemaster unit that has been problematic since the original installation. What would need to be added/installed in the boat to incorporate a Furuno non-feedback autopilot system?
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The NavPilot 711/OB system includes the 711 control head, the processor unit, and the PG700 compass. All three components will need to be installed. There is nothing from the Coursemaster system that can be utilized with the possible exception of the pump/drive unit, but we would need to know the specifications of the existing unit to make that call. Sometimes it is just better to go with one of our drives just to be sure. If you can let us know what type of steering and pump you currently have we can make a determination.

Although you currently have a C-500 on the boat you will need to install the new PG700 compass. You could leave the C-500 on the boat to feed the NavNet or remove it and use an NMEA 0183 output from the new pilot processor to feed the NavNet.