Active waypoint on GP-33



I have the new GP-33 and RD-33 integrated into a NavNet vx2 network. Unfortunatelly the RD-33 does does not input the WP number/name of the active waypoint via the network like the RD-33 does. I was told the functionality is not yet available but will come with a new software release. Is this true or is it a problem with my installation?
I am a little thrown off by your question. The GP33 is for the most part just an output device. The RD33 is mostly an input device but can also re-transmit data that is being provided. Neither of these device are network device. To interface with the Vx2, it would have to be via a NMEA 0183 connection. With that said, can you maybe explain a bit about what isn't working the way you were expecting?
To get an external waypoints to appear on the NavNet VX2, the "talker" needs to output the RMB sentence. There is also a menu setting in the NavNet VX2 that must be changed so that it will read the incoming RMB sentence. Since you state that the NavNet VX2 is seeing the waypoints from the GP33, that menu selection is set correctly.

The GP33 does output the RMB sentence, but the RD33 does not, at this time. I spoke with our Product Engineer and he confirmed that this is on the list to be added to the RD33, but there is no time frame for when this change will be made.

If this is the only thing that is not working, then there is nothing wrong with your system. However, if there are other functions that are not working as you think they should be, then as Johnny Electron requested, please provide more information about how all the components are connected as well as more specifics about the issues.

I was hoping that an activated go-to waypoint (C-Map) on my chart plotter 1824c (cabin) would bring up the same waypoint on the GP-33 (cockpit), so I could easily use its nice plotting screen - that screen not being available at the RD-33.
The GP-33 outputs the GPS data to the network but obviously doesn´t receive the waypoint information from the network.