627 wiring



Hi, Just purchased a new 627 and wanted to check a couple of things about the wiring.
Firstly, I am not planning to connect it to any other unit (at least at this stage).
My understanding is that I just need to connect the red and black fused wires. The "shield" wire remains unconnected?
ALso is it required to conect the "ground" wire from the back of the unit, or only if I experience interference? Leaving it unconnected will not risk damage to the unit?
Thanks for your help.
Furuno USA has yet to begin selling or supporting the FCV627. If it is like our FCV620, the shield wire would be left disconnected. It is best to contact the Furuno distributor in which you purchased this model for support; at least until we start selling and supporting this unit.
OK, thanks for your reply. I will do that. You can't be far away from having it in the States if we have it down here in little old New Zealand.