585 to 595???

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I am not sure if the replacement for the 585 will be a 595 but anyway.I know it will be the same size.What new fish finding features will it have? Will it have more resolution?When will it be out.Let see some pics....ha..ha. Capt.Mike www.daybreakerchartrefishing.com

Johnny Electron

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Until Furuno USA starts selling a model, we really don't have any information to provide. In some cases we let smaller market segments work out any initial issues with products before we introduce them to the much larger US market. We will announce any new products on our main web site (http://www.FurunoUSA.com) and provide the specifications at that time. If you are seeking information on products not currently released by Furuno USA, it is best to find that info via the Furuno distributor that is selling the product. Since we can’t provide definitive dates in which we might introduce a product to the US market, any information you might read on this forum has been speculative. Many times we don’t even know until days before the information is posted on our web site. Thanks for your understanding and considering Furuno.
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