585 or DFF1



Happy Holiday's,
I am running the 585 with a B260, it's great! I also have a VX2 plotter.Question?,Is the VX2 with a DFF1 better than the 585?The 585 is running at 1000 watts,The DFF1 would be set at 1000 watts.I have been told it's the same technology.Is the DFF1 a little better?I am also thinking about the MFD 12 with the DFF1,with the same transducer.Little Better??
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The DFF1 and FCV585 abilities are the same. When using the DFF1, the screen (LCD) resolution is based on what unit that is running it. The FCV585 is fixed to its own LCD resolution. I would say when comparing the LCDs, the order would be (best to lowest) MFD12, FCV585, and Vx2. As far as signal processing it would be the same, as long we are comparing the same transducer being used with the DFF1 and the FCV585.