585 1kw transducer without temp reading



i installed the 585 and transducer in spring 06. a few weeks ago the temp stopped reading accurately and now shows nothing. my neighbor has the same unit installed 1 year after me and has the same problem. what can i do?
Many times temp issues are related to the transducer and not the sounder.
I would recommend checking your transducer with a Multi-meter. You can OHM your transducer between pins 4 and 7 to see how much resistance there is. Please see the following document from Airmar for reference. If the temp sensor of the transducer tests good, then your FCV585 should be sent into our service center for repair evaluation.
Temp check.jpg
i do not have the tool. rather than track one down or buy one, i could easily bring the sounder to a friends boat and plug it into his wires which has everything working. would this be a problem to do and would any damage occur between the 2 units
what does the reset on the sounder do. is it possible its is a software issue and hitting reset could possibly fix it. what would happen if i hit reset?
off topic, but is it true that explosives in the water like m80's can damage the transducer
Resetting the 585 will default all the system menu's back to when it first came out of the box. In the back of the owners manual under MENU TREE it should list all the default settings in bold lettering. As far as the Temp setting, please make sure that under the Data page that Temp source is set to OWN. Yes, explosives can damage the crystals in the transducer.