2001 LS 6000 Back lighting question



I still own a Furuno 2001 LS 6000 that stills preforms as well as the day I bought it.
I have compiled alot in the way of manuals & other document that describe all the features.
Yet no where in the data can I find where or how I used to be able to turn on the night light for the background display of the screen. It was simple & quick I have forgotten

If any Furuno techies out there do know how to do this please respond to my post.

Thanks for that in advance
The backlighting is controlled by the brilliance. Use the POWER/BRILL key to set the brilliance of the display. Six levels are available. The Tone (like contrast) can also help. 10 levels are available. I had found that if you reverse the tone and use brilliance it could act totally different for day and night operations. Maybe your unit backlight has given up the ghost? If you or someone else finds something besides these two settings, please post it.
Thanks for that.
I am still certain that is was a function of it's own that could be used for night time operation.
I'll follow your advice & give it a try - asap.