1943 Radar Shutting Down


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Have 1943 Radar system (4ft. open, 6kw) that is shutting down upon trying to enter transmit mode. Checked power connections and have clean 12v running to display power. Display starts, radar counts down, but as soon as attempting to transmit radar, antenna spins approx 1/4, then system shuts down.

Checked all internal harness connections and when the 9-pin harness is disconnected, unit will turn on and antenna will turn. Seems like power of combined antenna motor and radar transmission is shutting system down.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

It sounds like your modulator board is shorting or the display power supply is having problems. You should contact your local authorized dealer for troubleshooting or send the unit into our service center for evaluation.
Thank you for the reply. I was able to confirm that there was a power issue to the display - frayed wire - and have fixed. Unit now powers up and enters TX mode fine. However, i am now unable to get a radar image - I have checked all gain, clutter, etc. settings and they seem fine. Menus, etc. appear as normal. Antenna rotates, but again, unable to see radar image. Any suggestions??
If you put the unit in Manual gain at 95% and manual clutter at zero, can you fill the radar screen with noise?
Johnny -
no noise, no image at all - i do get rings and menu, etc., so its not the display itself. also can go into sim mode and everything looks fine. It's been suggested that the delicate coax wire may have a bad connection, so plan is to solder a larger gauge wire onto it and re-attempt. Any thoughts on this?
If it is not getting radar video then it could be the display, cable or scanner. Since it is also shutting down, you would need to get a qualified dealer on the boat. They normally have an external radar simulator to test your display. Have you opened the scanner and conducted a good visual inspection? You should look for water and corrosion issues. If you don't see something obvious, then you should contact your dealer.